Supplier Extensions Part 2: Supplier Offerings & Marketplace


Dave Yuan

Founder and General Partner, Tidemark

Bob Solomon

Former SVP/ GM of Supplier Network and Financial Services, Ariba

Marketplaces and True Love, both something to aspire to.  Credit: Columbia Tristar

Extending through the value chain is the frontier – it is something that has only been successfully executed by a select few. However, we believe that extending is the long-term future of vertical software. Pushing beyond being a simple tool to a multi-stakeholder platform is the way a Vertical SaaS vendor (“VSV”) can go from being a good company to a once-in-a-generation organization. Extending towards the supplier is the best place to try it.

In Part 1, we introduced the topic and walked through the merchant side offerings in our extension framework. We covered finding the correct product offering for merchants and how to look for merchant side network effects.

In Part 2, we will discuss building out a footprint with suppliers through:

  • Supplier wedge offerings 
  • Overcoming resistance to behavior change, understanding incumbent behavior, and adding value to the transaction
  • The opportunity to build a two-sided network 

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Supplier Extensions Pt 2
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