Excellence in Action
Excellence in Action

Strategy, analytics, tactics, and all things sales with Jonathan Vassil, CRO at Toast

Jonathan Vassil, Tidemark Fellow and Chief Revenue Officer at Toast, is one of the most data-driven, fast-learning sales leaders we know. At Toast, he is rapidly scaling a direct salesforce that has generated over $500m in ARR last year.

In a recent roundtable discussion with Tidemark, JV shared his experience hyper-scaling a sales force while utilizing a reference-based, analytical approach. The audience loved the session so much that we have created a new series: GTM Chalk Talks with JV!

After each session we host with JV, we will distill his wisdom into a handful of golden nuggets for sales leaders to think about. If you would like to sign up to be considered for participation in a future live session, please email us at knowledge@tidemarkcap.com.

Session One

Building a Local GTM Machine

Selling local, creating a sales playbook, and leveraging what's unique about your business.

Session Two

Scaling and Retaining a Salesforce–Building the Employee Virtuous Cycle

Coming Soon

Session Three

Orchestrating Multi-Product

Coming Soon