Introducing the Vertical SaaS Knowledge Project

Frameworks and success stories for the next generation of SMB & Vertical SaaS leaders.

Here at Tidemark, we believe SMB and Vertical SaaS businesses can be some of the best in the world.  We are excited to announce the launch of the Vertical SaaS Knowledge Project (VSKP), a strategy framework, a collection of company stories, and a community of executives to capture the best ideas and tactics in vertical SaaS.  The VSKP helps vertical SaaS companies Win Their Category, Expand Their Offering, and Extend Through the Value Chain.  We're launching with our strategy scaffolding and a fresh perspective on Control Points today, and will continue to publish new chapters and case studies weekly.

Please check it out, we love the idea of bringing together a community to explore the boundaries of Vertical SaaS and are excited by what we can learn from each other. If you have thoughts or comments or want to get involved, please reach out!  If you'd like to be updated as we publish new content, subscribe here.

Huge thanks to 

  • Grace Yuan, Sabrina George & Evan Armstrong for many hours of drafting and reviewing to bring the VSKP to life
  • Contributing editors Nick Deleonardis, Tim Barash, John Burke, and Matt Baumgartner
  • Contributing authors: Andrew Brown, Toni Oloki, Daniel Hanover, Bob Solomon, Tim Barash, Chris Comparato, Arshad Matin, Indy Chakrabarti, Githesh Ramamurthy, Marc Fredman, Jonathan Vassil, Alison Elworthy