Tim Barash

Venture Partner
Favorite Coastline:
Point Dume, California

Tim has been creating harmony in the music and tech industries for over a decade as a successful recording artist and entrepreneur / executive. He is currently CEO of Dutchie, the cannabis technology platform powering dispensaries and providing safe and easy access to cannabis, and a Tidemark venture partner.

Tim previously led finance, operations, and fintech as the chief business officer and chief financial officer for Toast, an end-to-end cloud platform purpose-built for the restaurant community. Prior to Toast, he worked at a few early stage startups and  founded record label Shock Value Records. Tim holds a BA in Finance from Stony Brook University.

Things you should know about me

I grew up in New York and was involved in the music world from an early age, starting a record label and touring in bands with friends from high school through my 20’s.  My early hustles included pizza delivery, msp consulting, and trading soon-to-expire derivatives.  Outside of my windy road from punk rock to vertical tech I’ve become a big traveler and foodie and have invested in a few dozen teams across the vertical, saas, fintech, and marketplace spaces and am excited to back more founders as part of Tidemark.

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