Evan Armstrong

Favorite Coastline:
Diamond Beach, Iceland

Evan is a Director at Tidemark. Prior to this, he was in a variety of strategy and marketing roles at incredible startups like Substack, Merit, Filevine, and Stockwell. Evan received a bachelor's degree in sociology and business strategy from Brigham Young University. He also dropped out of a Master's in Writing from Johns Hopkins after he realized he didn't need anyone's permission to write. 

Things to know about me:

I'm incredibly passionate about reading and writing. To put my money where my mouth is, I write a weekly newsletter with 20K+ subscribers about the intersection of finance and technology. When I'm not happily clacking away on my keyboard, I enjoy powerlifting, hiking, playing videogames, and spending time with the cutest dog and most wonderful wife this side of the Mississippi. 

Prior investments**

**Prior investments represents investments made by Tidemark deal team members at their prior investment firms. Other investment professionals not employed by Tidemark were involved in the identification, evaluation, negotiation, investment, execution and operations, and any sale process with respect to such companies. There can be no assurance that Tidemark will have the opportunity to participate in any opportunities similar to the ones described herein. Past experience is not indicative of all or any investments or board participation that may be made by Tidemark (or made available to its partners), and there can be no assurance that Tidemark’s investment team will be successful in identifying investments similar to those described herein or otherwise be able to implement a similar investment strategy, achieve similar investment objectives, or avoid substantial losses. Past experience is not a guarantee of future experience.

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