Tidemark Invests in Dutchie

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Dutchie, the leading vertical SaaS platform serving the cannabis industry.

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Dutchie, the leading vertical SaaS platform serving the cannabis industry. At Tidemark, we aspire to invest in the high point of excellence. We look for category leaders at the confluence and collision of ideas and domains. Dutchie is a great example of what a vertical SaaS company can do, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to  work with them.

Here are the top three reasons we believe in Dutchie:

#1 Category Leadership

Dutchie is the market leader in their vertical, and they are redefining the tech stack for their customers. Dutchie began as a front-office eCommerce solution and has extended through the back-office with the strategic acquisitions of point-of-sale (POS) vendors Greenbits and LeafLogix. By consolidating these control points and delivering an integrated, end-to-end platform for their customers, we believe Dutchie will increase customer value, and  continue to capture share in a large and rapidly growing market.


#2 Strong tailwinds

Dutchie benefits from strong industry tailwinds and changing consumer preferences, and also the massive expansion and reimagination of a vertical SaaS business.


Dutchie is the paradigm of our “VSKP” framework at work. We have seen first-hand how category leaders like Dutchie can leverage their market position to expand their offerings, and extend through the value chain of their verticals to best serve their customers.

Dutchie is just scratching the surface of the huge opportunity ahead of them and has assembled a world-class team of domain and vertical SaaS leaders to accelerate these value-added product extensions. We’ve been fortunate to have built a great relationship with Co-Founder & CEO Ross Lipson over many years. Tidemark Venture Partner Tim Barash also serves as Dutchie’s Executive Chairman, and we believe there is no better team to lead Dutchie to capture the full potential of their vertical.

#3 Superlative Fundamentals

By nature of its category leadership in several control points, Dutchie is inherently a multi-product company which should power predictable, profitable growth. As a leader in a highly regulated field, Dutchie is also in a position to pioneer bespoke financial service offerings that will empower merchants and serve consumers. Dutchie also has an opportunity to serve other stakeholders in the cannabis industry over time, unlocking significant TAM expansion.

We are thrilled to support the team at Dutchie to continue to build an incredible, vertical SaaS leader. We love the business they’ve created in tackling a big opportunity, all while steering towards a mission of doing good for the community and the world. We’re grateful to be part of this journey.

A word from Dutchie

“Dutchie aims to power cannabis commerce while providing value to our dispensary partners by streamlining their operations to help them drive more business,” said Ross Lipson, CEO and co-founder at Dutchie. "We’re grateful for Tidemark’s support in advancing our mission to create safe and easy access, accelerating the positive societal change—and economic impact—that the cannabis industry is bringing to the world. We’re also excited to be part of Tidemark’s dynamic community, which is centered on sharing ideas and giving back.”

January 2022

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