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Spotlight on Alex Schultz and His Commitment to Wessex Archaeology

From a young age, Tidemark Fellow Alex Schultz has been passionate about archaeology. In this Caught Being Good, he shares more about his trusteeship with Wessex Archaeology.
What is Caught Being Good?

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Alex Schultz is a Tidemark Fellow and is VP of Analytics and Chief Marketing Officer at Meta. Alex recently joined Wessex Archaeology as a trustee and shared some thoughts on the important work of the organization with us below!

Tell us about the organization:

Wessex Archaeology is an educational charity and the UK’s leading provider of archaeological and heritage services. The organization’s vision is for everyone to understand and appreciate the intrinsic value of heritage for its social, economic, and cultural benefits. Wessex Archaeology works with customers from all sectors to manage the impact of developments on the historic environment and achieve successful planning outcomes.

What good is the organization doing in the world?

Three key things, in my opinion: 

1. It ensures the preservation and documentation of our history so we don't forever lose that knowledge and all the good it does for society. 

2. It is enabling construction to go ahead quicker by fast, competent execution of regulatory requirements for archaeological survey, hence enabling growth.

3. It provides materials for and directly participates in community engagement, enabling people to learn about the place they live and are from and aiding broader archaeological research.

 Why is this work important to you?

I have been passionate about archaeology since I was a child. I believe deeply that learning from history helps us handle the present better. I also believe we need to build more and faster, especially in the UK, to help the economy and lift people's living standards. This organization delivers on all those things, especially around learning from history. It furthers my personal philanthropic aims, which are all-around education being the path to lift people's standard of life and accelerate growth.

What are your wishes for the organization, and how do you aspire to support it?

My aspiration is to contribute to the betterment of this charity, leveraging my digital, strategic, and marketing skills. I believe that by enhancing the organization's operations, we can amplify its impact and reach, thereby benefiting the preservation of our cultural heritage and the communities it serves. 

You can learn more about Wessex Archaeology here.


May 2024

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