Introducing Tidemark

Tidemark is more than an investor of capital. We also invest in ideas and community.

Live long enough, and your objective function may shift. When my father passed away a couple of years ago, it made me reconsider mine.

I kept coming back to the fact that I love investing. I love pulling apart industries and business models at a first-principles level. I love riddle-solving, the pursuit of” the answer” in a messy set of conflicting facts. The negotiating, the selling, the movement, the travel and adventure, having an impact. Most of all, I love helping CEOs see something different or accomplish great things.

But after close to 20 years of investing, I wanted to do it differently.

Enter Tidemark. We’re a growth equity firm purpose-built to help companies win and scale, run by a small group of thematic and fundamental investors, in partnership with a community of world-class operators. Collectively, Tidemark is a way to do what I love, surrounded by people I like, trust, respect, and admire.  

Tidemark is more than an investor of capital. We also invest in ideas and community. Through our Fellows program, we have created a platform for leaders who are at the top of their game, energized by ideas and mission, to learn from and share knowledge with others and help accelerate the companies we serve. Along with our firm, we have also launched the Tidemark Foundation, where we will donate 10% of our profits to causes aligned with our investments.

Tidemark is an oceanographic term that refers to the high point where the sea meets the land.  High point reflects our aspiration for excellence. The intersection of sea and land — the intertidal zone, the most dynamic, productive, and biodiverse regions of the sea — speaks to where we invest. We seek to invest in category leaders at the confluence and collision of ideas and domains.

This is new territory for me, and I think for the investing world. I’m excited to work on it for a really long time.

I’m incredibly grateful to the Tidemark team, our Venture Partners and Fellows, our friends, and to my former colleagues at TCV for helping to make this happen.

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Dave Yuan