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In the Trenches with Ron Hirson: Eric Snowden, Adobe

Tidemark Fellow Ron Hirson talks product design with Eric Snowden, vice president of design for Adobe, who shares thoughtful advice based on his extensive experience.

In the Trenches is a video series of interviews hosted by Tidemark Fellow Ron Hirson with some of the best product design and experience leaders at remarkable companies. His conversations go deep on what it really takes to design great products and services, and offers valuable insights to benefit product designers in all career stages.

Part 1

In part 1, Eric and Ron discuss:

Tips for Product Design and UX teams, leaders and IC's - 0:49

Hiring tips - 2:25

Growth vs. Established team makeup - 3:50

Tools they use - 5:00

How to approach & prioritize Accessibility - 6:38

Part 2

In part 2, Eric shares super thoughtful advice based on his extensive experience.
Org Design - Process and Operations - 0:15

Consistency across multiple teams - 2:00

Design and Product reviews - 4:00

Specialization and Tenure - 8:25

Product -> Customer -> Business Experience 10:00

Part 3

In part 3, Eric and Ron discuss:

Roles and responsibilities for product design vs. product management - 0:15

“3 in a box” - 2:15

“Brand” vs customer experience - 4:30

“Transparency, Collaboration, Innovation”  - 6:15

How to get an org to prioritize design (resources, etc.)

9:15- Designers as analysts, evangelists - 11:00

Business-centric and soft metrics - 13:50

Part 4

In this final part of Ron's series with Eric, they discuss:

Refreshing old products vs. new products - 0:15

Add new features or simplify - 1:30

When to do a complete redesign - 4:50

Last tips on design teams, processes - 8:11

"Interview everyone who leaves regardless of level" - 9:30

Ron Hirson

February 2022

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