A high point of investment, experience, and impact.

Tidemark is the high point where the sea meets the land. In the intersection is magic — it’s where the ocean swell hits the seabed and creates breaking waves. That zone, the intertidal zone, is one of the most dynamic, productive, and biodiverse regions of the sea.

As a growth equity firm, we aspire to invest in the high point of excellence. We look for category leaders at the confluence and collision of ideas and domains.


We aspire to excellence and are compelled to serve. Alongside our investment team, a community of C-level leaders stand beside us. They are leaders we trust and admire who are at the top of their game, energized by ideas and mission, have the humility to learn from others and the instinct to serve. Together, we create a dynamic, productive, and diverse community that accelerates our portfolio companies.



The Tidemark Foundation is our way to give back to the communities around us. We will donate 10% of our profits to causes that align with our investment areas.